Chewing Food - Healthy Eating Habit

Improve Digestion with healthy eating habits

If there is one healthy eating habit that can help you overall is the habit of chewing food well while eating.

Remember? Mother told you to chew your food well. Are you doing that?

Many of us have a habit of either gulping down food with a drink or may be swallow food after chewing it for a few times. It fills the stomach fast but does not help digestion.

Why should we chew food well?
How does chewing food properly helps digestion?

  • For humans, the food digestion starts in the mouth itself. when you start Chewing, the gastrointestinal system knows it is time to start the digestive process by releasing the digestive juices. As soon as you smell and see food (provided you are hungry) saliva is produced in the mouth. When you put food in the mouth, the saliva mixes with the food. (This saliva helps in the digestion; it starts the digestion of starches, carbohydrates)
  • When you chew more, you grind the food in smaller pieces; more saliva is produced and mixed with food. This of course makes it easy to swallow and digest food and your digestion needs all the help it can get to make digestion easy if you have a digestion problem.
  • When you chew food, you do slow down. You are not gulping down food any more. That means you are giving time to your brain to understand how much your stomach has filled up.
  • When you chew, your tongue has more time to know the flavor. This results in the message to the brain and the digestive system to send the correct digestive juices in the stomach.
  • Chewing your food well means you are not likely to overeat (which can happen when you are eating fast, gulping food down). That means no overload to your digestive system; no unnecessary extra calories in your body and you can have effective weight loss and maintain it. You are more likely to eat smaller portions when you are relaxed and are chewing properly.
  • When you are chewing food slowly, you are paying attention to the texture of the food along with the taste. This makes eating more enjoyable and not just a stomach filling activity. You are worshiping/feeding the fire in your belly (your hunger) which nourishes your body. Not just filling your stomach bag with some food.
  • You are also avoiding the risk of the digestive problems such as indigestion , heartburn, bloating , gas and stomach ache.

    So think it over. This is one healthy eating habit that you can get used to which results in so many benefits. So it is definitely worth taking up and follow.

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