What are the causes of flatulence?

Foods that cause flatulence? What causes flatulence?

There are many causes of flatulence. When you know what causes flatulence, you can control or reduce farting by avoiding the causes.

How and why Stomach Gas is produced

Flatulence or farting is caused by the gas in the gastro intestinal tract.

This gas is in the tract because of the swallowed air or it is produced by the bacteria in the intestines, mainly the large intestine, also known as colon.

Most of the time the bacteria produced gas is the cause for flatulence or farting compared to the swallowed air.

Gas is produced when the food is digested. That is the natural and normal part of digestion.

Gas is also produced when there is undigested food in the small intestine.

There are also some foods that cause flatulence. Including such foods increases the gas in the stomach and that gas is released by body as flatulence.

When there is no place for gas in the intestines, it has to come out as flatulence.

Some foods that cause flatulence

Sugars- (lactose in milk, fructose, the common sweetener and sorbitol) and starches cause more gas production.

Those with lactose intolerance that is those who can not digest milk and other dairy products may produce more gas.

Rice digests easily and does not produce as much gas as Wheat, potatoes, corn. These are some of the starches that produce more gas.

The whole grains containing more fiber increases gas in the stomach. When digestion is poor, less food is digested and absorbed in the small intestine and more undigested food reaches the colon. The bacteria produce fore gas in such undigested food.

Fiber is good for us. It helps to make you feel full and also in easy elimination. Adding fiber rich foods in the diet is good for those who have constipation problem.

But for some people adding too much fiber suddenly or increasing the fiber consumption can cause gas and flatulence.

Increasing the fiber quantity slowly can reduce the incidence of farting.

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