Causes of bloating after eating

There are many possible causes of bloating after eating . It may be related to the digestive problems or with some wrong habits. It may also be because of allergies to some foods.

The bloated stomach feeling may occur only after eating for some but for many people, that bloated belly feeling is present all the time, even a few hours after taking a meal. There may be discomfort or pain.

A few of stomach bloating causes are

Overeating: if you experience bloating after eating, overeating could be one of the main cause for bloated stomach. Your stomach can hold only a certain amount of food. We tend to eat more than we need and more than our stomach can hold.

The immediate result of overeating is likely to be abdominal pain and bloating, in addition to the weight gain and related issues. This happens when the stomach is full but the tongue wants more of that tasty food.

And of course it takes some will power to control that tongue of ours be it in the matter of eating or talking.

Foods causing gas and bloating - Some foods such as beans, potatoes, onions may cause gas and that may result in bloating. These food ingredients generally cause gas but then not everybody will have the stomach bloating problem because of them.

Eating fast can cause abdominal bloating as it can lead to overeating. You are likely to eat more by the time your brain realizes and tells you to stop eating that you are full.

And you may also swallow more air along with your food when you are eating fast. Aerophagia the habit of swallowing excess air, may be one of the abdomen bloating causes. This can be treated with changing some habits.

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