Uses of Castor oil for constipation

Castor oil benefits and dosage

Does castor oil for constipation really work? What are the castor oil benefits and what are the castor oil uses?

In many countries such as India , Egypt castor is regularly used as a effective laxative to induce bowel movement for both children as well as adults. It is a natural laxative so it is preferred. It was being used in traditional medicine since long and it is accepted in modern medicine too.

How does castor oil work to relieve constipation?

Castor oil is effective natural laxative. It has components that affect the small and large intestines. So it can be used to relieve constipation.

Castor oil does not increase bulk in the stool. It just makes it easier for the stool to move ahead. Castor oil acts on the intestinal walls. It induces muscle contractions, intestinal muscles (peristalsis) to push the stools.

Castor oil reduces absorption of liquid from intestinal tract. That keeps the stool moist and helps in the easy passage of stool. It is a effective home remedy for severe constipation and bleeding piles.

How and when to take castor oil to relieve constipation?

Castor oil has horrible flavor, taste. It smells bad enough to cause nausea. It can be taken by itself or with honey mix with lemon oil, peppermint or cinnamon water, warm milk, tea or coffee.

Flavored preparations of castor oil are also available.

Castor oil should be taken on empty stomach. It takes 2 to 6 hours to act. So doing it on weekends is better. It can be taken once a month for a colon cleanse.

Castor oil dosage

For children above 5 years - 1 tsp

For adults - 2 tsp

Caution : Should not be taken by pregnant women. Excessive dose can cause diarrhea.

Castor oil gives temporary relief from constipation. For permanent cure, you need to follow the proper diet and eating habits.

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