Bloating and Menopause

Menopause and bloating go together for many women

Bloating and menopause can sometimes go together as the bloated feeling is another side effect of menopause.

There are many other side effects of the hormonal changes that happen during menopause.

Menopause is a very delicate phase in a woman's life and the bloating problem makes it still worse.

There are other symptoms and problems with menopause in addition to bloating.

Symptoms - problems of menopause caused by hormonal changes

These menopausal symptoms are bad moods, sleeplessness and constant tiredness, hot flushes, night time sweating etc.

The fluctuating hormones cause an increase in intestinal gas. There is also increased fluid retention. This can also result in weight increase.

The fluctuation in hormones, especially lessening of estrogen is responsible for bloating during menopause.

Estrogen causes increase in water retention during menopause.

Decrease in the levels of estrogen can also reduce the bile production which acts as lubricant in the intestines. The reduced bile production causes the stools to be hard and dry. This gives the sensation of constipation and bloating.

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