Uses and Benefits of ginger

What is Ginger Root?

The benefits of ginger are many. Ginger is one root spice that you should eat everyday, at every meal. Ginger helps digestion apart from it's many other uses.

Here is some info about the ginger root.

What is ginger?

Ginger is a natural root spice and is available in most places. It has aromatic smell and has pungent taste.

Ginger is available in many forms.

In the raw form it is available as fresh root ginger (as shown in the image), dried root ginger.

It is also available as

  • candied ginger
  • ginger oil
  • ginger capsules
  • ginger tablets
  • liquid ginger
  • ginger tea
  • ginger pickle

Uses of ginger:

Ginger is a strengthening food and is used to maintain health. It has been in use since ancient times in Chinese, Indian cuisines and medicines.

Ginger is used as a food flavoring as well as medicine. Ginger is one of the natural cures for digestion.

Ginger contains digestive, anti flatulent, laxative, and antacid compounds. It is used for reliving indigestion as well as heartburn. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healthcare system advises adding ginger to every meal.

Ginger benefits

Prevents nausea in pregnancy and while traveling

Freshens breath

Improves circulation, cleans and thins blood

Relieves painful arthritis. Ginger oil massage is very useful because of it's anti inflammatory properties

Eases stomach cramps, morning sickness, dizziness

Ginger is effective natural painkiller.

Prevents colds and flu, sore throat

Gives relief from menstrual cramps, gas

Helps in treatment of cancer and migraine.

Ginger benefits for digestion

Helps digestive process

Improves digestion

Reduces heartburn and indigestion

Calms upset stomach.

Promotes flow of bile

Reduces gas and bloating

Tips about using ginger

Take a little ginger before a meal or with every meal. You may eat raw or cooked ginger

Drink a little water with ginger if you are eating it by itself.

Do not consume too much ginger at a time. It will give you a burning sensation as ginger is a hot spice.

Chew a tiny piece of fresh ginger root to improve taste if the mouth feels kind of tasteless.

Drink ginger tea once a day. It good especially in winter and on rainy days.

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