Benefits of eating breakfast

Is eating breakfast healthy? Should you skip breakfast?

Many people are not aware of the benefits of eating breakfast, a healthy breakfast. Are you one of them?

Eating breakfast is one of the Healthy eating habits that you can have for better health.

People either  skip the breakfast completely or eat some unhealthy food for breakfast.

Oats porridge with berries

And then when they feel the effects of that during the day, they wonder why that happened. Do you also do that?

Some reasons you may be skipping breakfast now

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  • You do not feel hungry in the morning - You may not feel hungry because you have had a few (or too many) cups of coffee or tea or maybe you smoke which took your hunger away.

  • If you have a habit of eating late in the evening, you may not feel hungry for breakfast. May be you are already tense and worried about the day ahead.
  • You do not have time to prepare breakfast in the mornings because you got up late or have to go out early.

  • No breakfast plans - You have not thought about and planned so do not have the ingredients to make something.
  • Even when breakfast is ready, you do not have time to eat as you are in a hurry.
  • You think not eating breakfast will help you in weight loss.
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    So why should you eat breakfast?

    What are the advantages of eating breakfast?

    What happens when you skip breakfast?

    How will a healthy breakfast improve your whole day?

    Benefits of eating breakfast in the morning

    Healthy Papaya smoothie breakfast
  • More energy to do your work - When you skip breakfast, your blood sugar will continue to drop as the time passes and you may grow tired, sleepy without realizing you are hungry.

  • Or even if you realize you are hungry, you may not get food at that moment. A tired, hungry person cannot work efficiently.

  • When you have healthy breakfast, you will have better energy and will be able to concentrate better, focus better and be more productive.
  • Less stress and fatigue - After breakfast, you will be less stressed, less irritated, less tired and more relaxed.

  • Healthier food choices during the day when you have breakfast - You can plan and eat healthy foods such as whole grains, fiber, calcium and protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients for breakfast. Once you start with a planned healthy breakfast, you are less likely to make wrong unhealthy food choices during the day.

  • There has been research that eating regular breakfast reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • Weight control - eating breakfast and eating healthy foods at breakfast helps in weight control. It will keep you from snacking on something unhealthy later because you are too hungry.

  • Breakfasting helps you in maintaining healthy weight. Your metabolism rate (body fat burning rate) will be raised when you eat healthy foods in the morning.

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