Benefits of drinking hot or warm water in the morning or during the day

by Nayana

Is drinking hot or warm water everyday necessary?

Drinking water, cold as well as hot or warm hydrates your body. And we need water to keep healthy and well. We are advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

So why should we drink warm or hot water?
What are the benefits of drinking hot or warm water?

Warm or hot water is helpful for digestion. In many Asian countries, hot or warm water is used for drinking for this reason, especially in china.

According to Chinese, drinking hot water helps digestion by breaking down the fats that you have consumed. Cold water slows the digestion of fats.

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, hot and warm water is recommended for improving digestion.

According to Ayurveda, drinking hot or warm water first thing and the last thing before you go to bed, can increase your digestion power and can reduce metabolic waste.

Now a day food from refrigerator is consumed a lot, especially desserts. It may be convenient but it can affect your digestion and health.

Even if you eat some cold foods, drinking hot or warm water some time after the meal can reduce the effects of that cold food on your digestive system.

If you are unable to drink hot or warm water for some reason, drinking water at room temperature is ok. That is better than drinking ice cold water.

Drinking Hot or warm water in the morning

When you drink hot/ water first thing in the morning, you may add some fresh lime juice and a little honey to it. That can help the drink to be tastier. Both lime /lemon and honey are good for you. These contain vitamins and minerals and help in removing toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.

The warm water stimulates the digestive tract. Peristalsis, the muscle contractions in the intestines which keep the contents moving is also stimulated. This can help those who have constipation problem.

Drinking hot water regularly helps weight loss.

Along with the morning warm water drink, if you sip hot water throughout the day, that helps in cleansing the digestive tract of the impurities.

Boil drinking water and fill it in a thermos. Sip a little at regular intervals. This can reduce hunger apart from cleansing the body. Drinking at regular intervals is as important as the total quantity of water you drink.

You may add a little crushed or chopped fresh ginger and / or few cumin seeds when you boil the water. This increases the positive effects of the warm water.

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Jul 22, 2012
Drinking hot water works!
by: Annie

I want to add that drinking hot water really works. I used to have constant burping problem. My aunt recommended drinking hot or warm water in the mornings.

In the beginning, I found it difficult to drink the two glasses as my aunt had said I should drink. So I started with half a glass of hot water and then slowly increased the quantity.

I really found it beneficial as the burping reduced. Now not just in the mornings, at other times too I drink warm water. my digestion has improved a lot.

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