What is aerophagia - Aerophagy?

Aerophagia (also known as aerophagy) refers to the condition when a person swallows too much air without being aware of it.

When this air goes into the stomach, it may cause abdominal distention or belching. It can cause flatulance or gastric discomfort.

Most of the time, the person is not even aware of having such a habit. You may have noticed many people having the habit of breathing through the mouth instead of nose.

You may think it to be a physical disorder. It is not really an indigestion problem but is caused by some wrong breathing habits.

It is possible to change these habits that cause the problem and get rid of aerophagy.

The first thing is to be aware of the habit and making effort to change it. One can definitely do it.

Symptoms of aerophagia - aerophagy:

One of the main symptoms is excessive or chronic or constant burping or belching.

Chronic belching or burping may not always occur because of aerophagia but it could be one of the causes.

Apart from chronic burping this excess air can also cause stomach bloating as well as pain.

Causes of aerophagy - Why do some people swallow more air?

  • Nervousness:
  • When we are nervous or tense, we may swallow more air without realizing it. Most people are not even aware that they have such a habit. They can stop it if they realize they have this habit.

  • Lactose intolerance:
  • those who are intolerant to milk products may belch and burp more. It may cause them bloating too.

  • Carbonated drinks:
  • can cause burping and belching.

  • Chewing gum all the time
  • wearing ill-fitting dentures can also cause a person to swallow more air
  • Eating too fast
  • Talkking while eating can make you swallow air.
  • Some foods cause gas in the stomach. This swallowed air adds to it. Reducing or avoiding such foods can help reduce the gas/air in the stomach.
  • When you avoid the situations given above, you can deal with the problem of excessive air or gas and the resulting burping and belching and stomach bloating problems.

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